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MaX has reached a primary intention with Suzhou National New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area for acting as an agent for the project of attracting German Investment in the Convention of Suzhou International Auto Parts Suppliers in September,2005

Mr. Jian Ma,General Manager of MaX Management Consulting Co., Ltd., has been invited formally by Municipal government of Jingjiang City as their special economy consultant

Delegation of municipal government of Jingjiang City will visit Ansbach of Bavaria in June for attracting investment and signing a formal agreement for the establishment of partnership between two cities
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Mr.Jian Ma General Manager Diplom-BWL(BA)  
Work Experience: BAYER AG (Beijing)
  DaimlerChrysler AG
Work Fields: Public Relations, Human Resources, Marketing
Mr. Gu Changchao Partner Dr. rer. pol.  
Work Experience: Professorassistant in QInghua Unibersity
Work Fields: Client Service Project Management
Mr.Yu Ding Partner Dr. rer. pol.  
Work Experience: Hoechst AG
  Investment &Controlling of China-Projects
Work Fields: Auto Parts and Metal Processing Industry
Mr.Zhe Liu Senior Consultant PHD in Psychology  
Work Experience: Professor in Psychology Department of
Peking University Senior Analyst
Work Fields: Market Research and Analysis
Mr.Qikun Zhang Law Consultant PHD in International Economy Law  
Work Experience: Investment and Law Consultant (CIETAC)
  Chief in Law Consulting Department (CCPIT)
Work Fields: Law Consultation, Investment Project








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Catalogue  for  the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries
Law of the People's Republic of China on Foreign Capital Enterprises
Law of  the  People's Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures
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