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MaX has reached a primary intention with Suzhou National New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area for acting as an agent for the project of attracting German Investment in the Convention of Suzhou International Auto Parts Suppliers in September,2005

Mr. Jian Ma,General Manager of MaX Management Consulting Co., Ltd., has been invited formally by Municipal government of Jingjiang City as their special economy consultant

Delegation of municipal government of Jingjiang City will visit Ansbach of Bavaria in June for attracting investment and signing a formal agreement for the establishment of partnership between two cities
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  With the  rapid development  of China  automobile  industry, most of
  international  automobile  groups  have invested in China. China will
  be one of  the  largest  markets and  producers of  automobile  in the
  world. As more benefited policies for automobile industry are issued,
  China  will pay  more attention  to the  localization of auto parts, raise
  the ability of Chinese  enterprises in the  R&D and  introduce  foreign
  advanced  technology. For  reducing  the  cost,  transmitting  the  risk
  and  winning  the  competition, more and more  international  groups
  encourage  their  foreign  auto parts  suppliers to  establish factories
  in China.
  Auto parts enterprises in Germany possess the most advanced
  technology, workmanship and cooperative relations with car
  manufacturers, but they still need more experience with China.
  They need an experienced introducer for their Chinese activities.
  Based on the knowledge to German society, culture and enterprises,
  MaX has the advantage of communicating with German clients
  without any barrier, meanwhile MaX has established close cooperative
  relations with  domestic  and  foreign  automobile  association,  auto
  parts association, relevant media and enterprises. With these partners,
  MaX will be able to give the best support for enterprises with advanced
  technology to enter into Chinese market.
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